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Testimonials: What Clients Say about Cara Suttner

After 5 days of 'breastfeeding boot camp' I was discharged from hospital with my bundle of joy and what I thought was my new best friend, a nipple shield. Being a first time mom I thought it was natural for a baby to cry ... read more

This small space is not enough to fully express what Cara has done for me and my baby. My son lost a lot of weight in the first few days of his life because of poor latch-on and low milk supply. Cara's patience and expertise... read more

Cara was fantastic with our baby. She has a warm, kind and caring attitude and made herself available to answer our concerns by phone or email. We wouldn't hesitate to hire her services again.

Amanda, Bondi Junction

After reading so much about the importance of getting breast feeding off to the right start, I decided to ask cara to come to the hospital on day one to teach me the basics with my baby girl. She was so patient, demonstrating... read more

From the moment we met Cara there was a sense of clam in the room. Our little boy responded straight away to her sensitive, caring approach. Cara provided post surgical care and also lactation advise. She made... read more

I was recently having difficulty with my milk supply and was worried that after 9 months of breastfeeding I would have to stop breastfeeding my son even though I had planned to continue till 12 months of age. Cara provided... read more

Cara was the most caring, friendly and warm lactation consultant I could have asked for. She was patient and gentle. At this sensitive time she was understanding and non judgemental. I felt both my baby and I... read more

I had a very hard first few weeks after the birth of our son due to an oversupply of milk. I suffered with intensely painful let down reflexes, engorgement and recurring milk duct blockages bordering on mastitis. Although... read more

Cara has assisted me with a range of issues while breastfeeding my now 11-month old daughter. She provided me with a variety of strategies to help my daughter to properly latch on during the early weeks. I was in... read more

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