Bondi Breasfeeding
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Bondi Breastfeeding

Services at Bondi Breastfeeding

I provide a number of services.

Lactation Consultations

Help if you are dealing with :

  • Sore or cracked nipples
  • Low supply or over supply of breast milk
  • Breast refusal
  • Nipple thrush
  • Poor attachment at the breast
  • Slow weight gain in the newborn
  • Nipple shield issues such as weaning off the nipple shield, nipple shield care.
  • Breast feeding multiples

Prenatal Counselling and Education:

Post Surgical Care:

If you are finding it difficult to care for your newborn, change their bandages or need any other help with post operative care we are happy to help. Injections, settling or wound care are just a small part of the services we have available. Feel free to call for more information, and in most cases private health fund rebates are available.

Respite / Night Nurse Service:

Getaway for mums (and partners) in our beautiful Bondi Beach suite with overnight nursing care for your newborn, breastfeeding or settling training, and personalized attention for as long as you need, around the corner from the beautiful Bondi sand.

Breakfast and refreshments are included.

Ask for photos and more information if you need a break or just need a good nights sleep.

Private health fund rebates available.

Brit Milah Nursing and Post Op Care

Private health fund rebates available.


Consult Cara Now

Sunday - Friday 7am to 7pm

Out of hours appointments available on request

Call for Booking:

0425 371 725