Bondi Breasfeeding
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Bondi Breastfeeding

I honestly believe that without Cara Suttner's help, I may have become discouraged and given up.

Cara has assisted me with a range of issues while breastfeeding my now 11-month old daughter. She provided me with a variety of strategies to help my daughter to properly latch on during the early weeks. I was in a lot of pain, and when something didn't work, Cara always had another idea to try. Her bedside manner is fantastic -- she is calm, flexible and empathetic to the concerns and insecurities of new mothers.

Cara also helped me when returning to work part-time while my daughter was 51/2 months and exclusively breastfed. She worked with me to figure out how and when to express milk at work, as well as how to maintain my supply. I really appreciated her nonjudgmental attitude when discussing different options.

I have always had a strong desire to breastfeed, but I honestly believe that without Cara's help, I may have become discouraged and given up. Cara is responsible in many ways for the positive relationship that I have built with my daughter through breastfeeding.

Lili K., Bellevue Hill

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